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ETU: Undeclared

Producer: Saving Throw

East Texas University is a setting for the Savage Worlds rules system in which you are a college student in Pinebox, Texas. It has all the normal things that a university should have, along with some very paranormal things that no university would ever want. Your quest is to not only survive college until graduation but also possibly save the world from certain doom in the process. Even though I don’t remember it being specifically stated, I believe they follow The Last Rites of the Black Guard published campaign. There are some nice freebies to help with some visual/audio effects on the 12 to Midnight website if you decide to run this at your table.

This mini-series is set in 1988 and puts our characters in the capable but reluctant hands of Professor Stance who has written 17 best-selling paranormal psychology books. The professor sends them out after getting a call from a local who has complained about ghosts in her home. The professor doesn’t believe there is anything to investigate, so sends his four newly attained graduate students to investigate.

@jordancallarman does an excellent job moving the story along while keeping some tension in the atmosphere. Being the DM of the highly popular Wildcards which is also based on the Savage Worlds means that he has a good grasp of the rules. I have to note that he also puts on a solid performance as Professor Stance.

The opening scene with our four students and Professor Stance was role-played beautifully and really set the tone for the rest of the series. The Saving Throw cast is really good at keeping the meta gaming to a minimum and playing character roles that are engaging and interesting.

The Cast

Kip Springfield (@jordanpigeon) - activist

Debbie Winger (@meghancaves) - cheerleader

PK Dureja (@DoubleGXG) - geek

Mike Squire (@GadZook) - jock.

This is a fun watch and at only 3 episodes you get a lot in a short amount of time. So I say grab your pork cracklins, a cube of Mountain Dew, and get ready to take out some Nazis!

ETU: Undeclared Campaign

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ETU: East Texas University
Game Edition
Savage Worlds

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